Introducing the epitome of luxury in scooter form – the NIU MQi GT. With its generous 76" wheelbase and sleek 14" rims, this scooter redefines elegance on two wheels. Its extended seat ensures comfort for both rider and passenger, perfect for shared journeys. For added convenience, consider accessorizing with an optional backrest or rear rack and top case, transforming this scooter into a passenger's ultimate haven.

Engineered for stability, the MQi GT sets the standard in its 125cc class with its standard 14" wheels. Embark on adventures with confidence as you explore the vibrant streets of Honolulu. With a range of 50 miles, a quick charger included, and an adventurous spirit, the city is yours to discover.

The NIU MQi GT model comes fully equipped with cutting-edge features:

  • NIU Smart App: Stay connected with anti-theft alerts, real-time scooter tracking, battery status updates, past routes, riding data, and more.
  • Cruise control and auto-cancel turn signals ensure a smooth and safe ride.
  • Stay powered up on the go with a convenient USB charging port.
  • Choose from Sport, Dynamic, and E-Save driving modes to suit your riding preferences.
  • Stay informed with the LCD Smart Digital Dashboard providing essential information at a glance.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a battery designed for a 5-year life cycle.
  • The Smart BMS with 11 smart guards ensures optimal battery performance and safety.
  • Charge your scooter effortlessly with the dual battery quick charger, compatible with X2 4th Gen NIU Energy Lithium removable battery packs.
  • Take advantage of EBS Regenerative Braking to recharge your battery while braking, extending your riding range.
  • Navigate any weather conditions with confidence thanks to the waterproofing feature.
  • Experience smooth, responsive performance with the Bosch motor and hydraulic front and rear brakes.
  • Built to last with a Titanium-Aluminum Alloy Swing-Arm and 360-degree lighting for enhanced visibility.

All NIU GT models are registered as motor scooters in Hawaii and require a scooter or motorcycle license. Indulge in luxury and redefine your urban commute with the NIU MQi GT.