Genuine Roughhouse Sport 50

The Genuine Roughhouse 50 Sport takes urban mobility to the next level with its enhanced features and sporty design. Building upon the rugged performance of the standard Roughhouse 50, the Sport model offers several upgrades to elevate your riding experience and add an extra edge to your daily commute.

One of the standout features of the Roughhouse 50 Sport is its sporty design, featuring sleek lines, aggressive styling, and eye-catching graphics that set it apart from its predecessor. The dynamic appearance of the Sport model reflects its enhanced performance and agility, hinting at the thrilling ride that awaits.

Under the hood, the Roughhouse 50 Sport boasts a tuned engine for improved performance and responsiveness. With enhanced horsepower and torque, the Sport model delivers exhilarating acceleration and enhanced top speed, making it ideal for riders seeking an extra dose of excitement in their daily commute.

In addition to its performance upgrades, the Roughhouse 50 Sport offers enhanced handling and control, thanks to its upgraded suspension system and sport-tuned chassis. With improved stability and agility, riders can confidently navigate city streets and tackle tight corners with ease, while enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride.

Other notable upgrades include sportier tires for improved grip and handling, upgraded brakes for enhanced stopping power, and exclusive color options to suit your personal style. Whether you're cruising through city traffic or carving through twisty roads, the Genuine Roughhouse 50 Sport offers a thrilling ride that combines performance, style, and versatility like no other.