BQI E-Bike (Q-07)

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Go for days with our dual battery system that gives you more range than ever, with lightweight, swappable batteries that are easy to recharge. Designed with the whole riding experience in mind, the BQi-C3 Pro features clean, simple lines and colors with thoughtful battery placement and a deep step through frame that is safe and stable for riders of all sizes. The result is an E-bike that looks as good as it rides!

Odometer: 3305 miles

Go Farther, Faster

62 miles per charge(both batteries)

Swappable Twin Batteries

Three riding modes: Pedal, Throttle, and Pedal-Assist

Top Speed: 28 mph

Motor Power: 750w

Durable and Long-lasting 

33x more durable Gates Carbon Belt Drive

Puncture Resistant Tires with 1.5mm KEVLAR ARAMID FIBER inside

Go Easier

Lightweight Batteries

Adjustable Seat Height 

Adjustable Handlebar Angle

Weather Ready

Splash-Resistant: IP45 for the whole bike

Waterproof Components 

IP67 Battery

IP65 Motor 

Brilliant, Bright TFT Display

See your speed; distance traveled, trip time, battery level, assist level, and more. All in a crisp and clear color display.

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