2022 NQi Sport Moped Black

Article number: NQISPORT21 BLACK
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There's nothing wrong with wanting more. With more power and more range, you can ride all day without having to worry about if you have enough. This is also the only model we offer with under-seat storage. Add an optional rear rack and top case and you can more than double the carrying capacity. The perfect moped for not only the commuters but also the riders. The kind of person that can't get enough of being one with the road and having no destination.


All NIU NQi and MQi Sport models include:

NIU Smart App: Anti-theft alerts, real-time scooter location tracking, battery range status, past routes, riding data, and more

Cruise control and auto-cancel turn signals

USB Charging Port

Adjustable Driving Modes

LCD Smart Digital Dashboard

2-year warranty

Battery 5-year life cycle

Smart BMS with 11 smart guards 

4th Gen NIU Energy Lithium removable battery packs to charge in or out of the scooter with a standard plug.

EBS Regenerative Braking: recharge your battery as you brake


Bosch motor

360 lighting

Hydraulic front and rear brakes 

Titanium-Aluminum Alloy Swing-Arm

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